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What is HexView

Hexview is a small command-line application that produces output that is suitable for studying the contents of binary files. In the days of MS-DOS such utilities were common, as for example in programs like Norton Commander. Nowadays, they are rather hard to find, alltough emacs does the job for you. Hence i implemented this program, which I simply named HexView, on my own.

Running HexView

program is run like this:

hexview [-x] <filename>

If -x is specified, then characters beyond 127 is shown in the rightmost column. Normally these are shown as dots.

The output is sendt to stdout, but can be piped or redirected to any file or other program.

The following sample shows the output of hexview when the program is run on itself

I didn't bother to provide any license for this program, it's just so simple that anyone could do it. It's copylefted by me, in any case.

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