"Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch"

(Eric S. Raymond).

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About the Clinic

Throughout the years I've had a lot of itches, and since I like to program, (and I do a lot of programming in my job), I also have the chance to remedy some of them.  Although, this is not to say that the programs that I've provided here necessarilly are good work.

In case you are having the same itches that I had, I provide the programs here as Open Source software, copylefted by me under the GPL license.  The software provided here is written in different languages, preferably C/C++, Pascal, and Tcl/Tk, I also do some Java, but currently, there are no Java programs here. The programs are aslo developed on different platforms, and I do software on both Windows, Macintosh and Unix.  Some programs work on only one platform, while others will work on several.


SoftwareDescription VersionDatesource
PSTools PostScript file tools 1.1Oct 17, 2002C/C++ CXC
Scimitar Source Code Inspector 1.1Oct 4, 2001Tcl/Tk SXS
Coda Code Documentation Application 2.1May 13, 2002 Tcl/Tk SXS
HexView View Binary files in Hex format 1.0Jan 11, 2001 Pascal CX-
FTBok Flight Log for Glider Pilots 1.3Jan 10,2001 Tcl/Tk SXS
Daco Convert Ocad6 and 7 to Ocad5 files 1.0.1Feb 01, 2001 Pascal -X-
TclMerge Merge multiple Tcl files into single script 1.1Nov 27, 2001 Tcl SXS
QuickTask Task Planner for Glider Pilots 1.0comming soon Tcl/Tk -X-
X = provided as executable.
S = provided as script.
C = provides as compilable source code. (Requires OSX on macintosh).

Source Code

Some of the programs comes with source code distributions. You will need to download and compile these in order to run them on Unix/Linux. The Tcl/Tk programs comes as UNIX scripts, but the comments have been stripped away from these scripts to make them smaller.

Nonetheless, you can always browse the CVS Repository at SourceForge to study the original source code. You can also obtain the source code from the CVS-Repository directly (If you are unfamiliar with CVS, you might want to check out the CVS homepage).

If you want obtain the source code from the repository at SourcForge using CVS, You will need CVS, SSH and a username at SourceForge. There are plenty of documentation on how to do this at SourceForge.

As a last resort, you may also send me and email, and I will send you the source code. My email address is agnarr@c2i.net.

Bugs and Improvement Suggestions

If you want to report a bug, or you wouid like to suggest improvements, don't hesitate to do that. That's one of the reasons I put up the Itch Click at SourceForge. SourceForge already has an infrastructure to do that. You may go to the Itch Clinic Admin Pages to report such tings.

Agnar Renolen
Trondheim, NORWAY